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Minecraft (1.5.2) with 50 mods + more UPDATED Fixed
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minecraft mods fixed updated

2013-06-16 10:33:38 GMT


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Here is the fixed torrent of Minecraft 1.5.2 with 50 mods and texture pack. Im sorry for the rare issue, strangly the encryptation of the torrent corrupted the file.


1.Extrac the .rar with WinRar.

2.Put .minecraft folder in any place you want.

3.Browse the folder and find "minecraft launcher.exe" execute it.

4.Play and Enjoy!

To change the language go to "opciones" and select "idioma"

Sorry for the inconvinience, now its working properly :)

Enjoy and seed!!


Can't seem to connect to a server my friend set up, not sure if its due to this copy or my friends server, just trying to problem solve at the moment
Mods aren't working. I clicked launch and it updated. Thought this was already 1.5.2? When I launched it originally it said 1.4.
@Rizzano You are executing YOUR antique minecraft version.. If u have another minecraft installed in appdata/roaming/.minecraft and u click the minecraft launcher.exe of other .minecraft folder like mine u will execute the minecraft from the .minecraft in romaing folder.. You can do two things... unistalls your old minecraft of cut and put in on other folder and put my .minecraft.
This torrent dont have any problem u can join any private server and if u didnt see on the menu the 50 mods loaded 50 mods active u did something wrong.. xD
@misha553: Never had Minecraft installed on this laptop before, so how is it updating an old one?
@misha553: It's working now. You should be more CLEAR with your instructions. In step 2 it says put the .minecraft folder ANY PLACE YOU WANT. I kept putting it on my desktop, so when I launched it, it would check my appdata/roaming for the .minecraft folder and when it didn't find one, it would create a new default one and download it and run THAT one without the mods. Next time be more clear in saying that you NEED to put the .minecraft folder in the AppData/Roaming folder.
@Rizzano Not all computer are the same i used the two ways and worked for me. Anyway.. is a rare issue but easly fixed.. I spend several days in making my minecraft the most free bug posible with the best 50 mods i found, and that texture pack that i think is the best there, and i decided to share it with my friend and all other users. And u complain for a 2 minutes fix? come on think about it. Im not getting angry but i dont like ungrateful ppl.
What the fuck? is 1.5.2 or 1.4 ??
I know it's extra work on your part but is there any way you can make a list of all the mods installed?
i did everything as you said but when i launch minecraft after i press login it the window gets stuck with the "mojo" logo, after a while it turns black and its stuck like this.. what do i do ?? help plz
help i cant get it to launch the window turns black and gets stuck after login
There is an ore problem in mods. 2 or 3 different coded tin and cooper ores makes game weird. When i melt 1 unidentified cooper ore i get basic circuit :S and some ores has no image in inventory. These other ores mods make tin and cooper spawn thrice and i cant find any iron now :( Please fix
Guys if your mods aren't working go to Appdata>Roaming>bin>minecraft.jar(open with 7-Zip)>Delete META-INF and everything will work just fine!